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Accessibility Maturity Assessment

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Organizational Commitment

1.1. Does your organization have a documented accessibility policy?

1.2. Is there a designated person or team responsible for accessibility?

1.3. How often is the accessibility policy reviewed and updated?

1.4. Is accessibility included in the organization’s mission and values statements?

1.5. Are there allocated budgets specifically for accessibility initiatives?

Planning and Governance

2.1. Does your organization have an accessibility strategy or roadmap?

2.2. Are accessibility goals and objectives integrated into project plans or KPIs?

2.3. How often are accessibility performance metrics reviewed?

2.4. Are there formal processes for managing and tracking accessibility compliance?

2.5. Are accessibility requirements included in contracts and agreements with vendors and partners?

Design and Development

3.1. Are accessibility guidelines and standards (e.g., WCAG) integrated into design and development processes?

3.2. Do you conduct accessibility reviews at each stage of the design and development lifecycle?

3.3. Are user personas that include people with disabilities used in the design process?

3.4. Is there a process for including accessibility considerations in procurement and purchase of third-party software?

3.5. Are automated and manual accessibility testing tools used during development?

3.6. Are designers and developers provided with resources and tools to create accessible digital assets?

Training and Awareness

4.1. Do employees receive regular training on accessibility standards and best practices?

4.2. How often are accessibility training sessions conducted?

4.3. Are there resources available to employees for learning about accessibility (e.g., internal documents, online courses)?

4.4. Is there a formal onboarding process that includes accessibility training for new hires?

4.5. Are there accessibility champions or advocates within the organization?

Feedback and Improvement

5.1. Is there a mechanism for users to report accessibility issues?

5.2. How often are user feedback and accessibility issues reviewed?

5.3. Are there documented procedures for responding to and addressing accessibility feedback?

5.4. Are accessibility improvements regularly communicated to stakeholders?

5.5. Is there a process for continuously improving accessibility practices?

Risk Management

6.1. Are accessibility risks identified and documented in project risk assessments?

6.2. Are there contingency plans in place for addressing accessibility failures?

6.3. How often are accessibility risks reviewed and updated?

6.4. Are there dedicated resources for mitigating accessibility risks?

User Experience

7.1. Are usability tests conducted with participants with disabilities?

7.2. Are accessibility considerations included in user experience research?

7.3. Is there a process for ensuring that digital content is accessible to all users?

7.4. Are assistive technologies and accessibility features tested regularly?

7.5. Is user satisfaction with accessibility measured and analyzed?

Digital Assets Accessibility

8.1. Do all your digital assets (websites, mobile apps, etc.) comply with accessibility standards (e.g., WCAG 2.2)?

8.2. How often are digital assets audited for accessibility compliance?

8.3. Are accessibility issues identified during audits prioritized and remediated in a timely manner?

8.4. Are there guidelines and best practices for creating accessible digital content (e.g., documents, videos, images)?

8.5. Are digital asset creators (e.g., content authors, developers) trained on accessibility best practices?

8.6. Are third-party digital assets and tools (e.g., plugins, frameworks) evaluated for accessibility before use?

8.7. Is there a process for maintaining accessibility as digital assets are updated or modified?

8.8. Are accessibility considerations included in the design and development of new digital assets?

8.9. Are there metrics and KPIs in place to measure the accessibility of digital assets?

8.10. Is there an accessible user support system in place for users who encounter accessibility barriers?