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Our Services

AFixt is a leading provider of accessible web development services dedicated to delivering effective, efficient, and reliable repairs to existing websites and delivery of new projects that are accessible from the start.

At AFixt our mission is to ensure that websites and applications are brought into compliance with accessibility standards quickly and efficiently, without the needless back & forth of accessibility audits and without the half-baked solutions and false claims of “accessibility widgets”.

Our vision is to be a trusted and respected partner, recognized for our expertise, integrity, and commitment to delivering exceptional solutions that are based on a simple key principle: writing good code means delivering good experiences.

Website and App Remediation and

Our remediation service has a singular focus: Ensuring that, at the end of the project, the customer’s website is accessible and that their website will remain so. To achieve this goal, AFixt’s team of expert developers will assess the site’s accessibility, create a prioritized list of issues found, and repair those issues.

We can also work from a list of issues supplied by the customer or a pre-existing audit of the customer’s system.

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Integrated Project Support

For customers who have a highly skilled development team, our integrated project support service is the next best thing to having AFixt developers fix the system.

This is a particularly good approach in cases where onboarding of our staff would be overly long & complicated or where customers have such stringent security requirements that it would be more cost effective and efficient to take a more advisory role. Team members from participate in an advisory capacity to guide the efficient and effective repair of issues on customer sites.

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