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Accessible Systems Logo

Accessible Systems

Accessible Systems, Inc. is built upon the concept that technology should be accessible to all people. To ensure equal access to digital information, we educate IT manufacturers on accessible design, assist organizations seeking to integrate accessibility into their operational structure, and provide accessibility training to companies and individuals with disabilities.

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WebAIM Logo


WebAIM is a non-profit web accessibility consultancy based at the Institute for Disability at Utah State University. WebAIM's mission is to expand the potential of the web for people with disabilities by empowering individuals and organizations to create accessible content. WebAIM provides web accessibility training, web site testing, and technical assistance.

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Knowbility Logo


Working to make the digital world more inclusive. Digital Equity advocacy, awareness, and training since 1999.

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Tamman Logo


Tamman believes that access to information is a human right. We offer a full service consulting practice that partners with companies to shift mindsets and empower skill sets. Tamman’s accessibility services include assessments, technology solutions, training, coaching, as well as digital document training and remediation.

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Assistiv Labs Logo

Assistiv Labs

Assistiv Labs makes the web better by building tools that enable developers, quality assurance engineers, designers, and accessibility specialists to validate their work on assistive technologies across operating systems and at scale. Our live testing platform and end-to-end testing service empower digital product teams to build a more inclusive web.

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Scribely Logo


Scribely is a content accessibility solutions company that specializes in making images, videos, and podcasts inclusive for everyone. Scribely's team of expert writers and transcribers focus on crafting exceptional alt text, extended descriptions, captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions.

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Accessibility Cloud Logo

Accessibility Cloud

Web Accessibility Testing platform for testing & monitoring websites and documents against WCAG, EN 301 549, Section 508 and ADA. Accessibility Cloud offers automatic and manual accessibility tests, monitoring and compliance management within the same powerful platform.

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Want to Partner with AFixt?

AFixt offers a unique opportunity for you to partner with a company that augments your products and services without the threat of competition:

For accessibility consultants: we don’t offer audits, VPATs, tools, usability studies, or training. Instead, we offer you a way to ensure your customer’s systems are fully fixed in accordance with the findings of your audits.

For defense attorneys and corporate counsel: we offer the ability to rapidly respond to demand letters and lawsuits, eliminating barriers outlined in the plaintiff’s complaint and possibly mooting the lawsuits.

For web agencies: we offer the ability for you to reduce churn by ensuring your customer sites are accessible

We seek collaborative relationships with other companies who are committed to high-quality service and win-win arrangements for our mutual customers. To partner with us, shoot an email to