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About Us


At AFixt, we are not just another web development agency; we are champions of digital accessibility. Our journey is rooted in a commitment to making the online world inclusive and accessible to everyone. Allow us to introduce ourselves and share our story.

Our mission is clear: to bridge the accessibility gap on the internet swiftly, efficiently, and comprehensively. We are dedicated to ensuring that websites and applications adhere to accessibility standards without the hassles of lengthy audits and ineffective solutions often associated with “accessibility widgets.”

Our vision extends beyond compliance; it revolves around the belief that writing good code means delivering good experiences. We aspire to be a trusted and respected partner, recognized for our expertise, integrity, and the exceptional solutions we provide.

Meet the Founder: Karl Groves

AFixt was founded by Karl Groves, a web developer and accessibilityconsultant with over two decades of experience. Karl’s prior company, Tenon, revolutionized accessibility testing and was acquired by Level Access, the world’s largest digital accessibility company.

Karl has worked on accessibility projects for global companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Google, and more. He is a renowned expert and thought leader in the field, sharing his insights and expertise worldwide.

Karl speaking at the Fronteers conference in Amsterdam, spring 2016